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The Guardian

Guarding Homes, Businesses, Property, Livestock, Executives and Families, Our Warriors are the Ultimate Guardians for TODAY'S  CHANGING   ENVIRONMENT

You can’t control whether or not you’ll find yourself in danger, but you can control whether or not you’ll be prepared with a well-trained Conquistador K-9 by your side.

We passionately believe that a well-trained dog is the best home and family protection option available. Your dog’s lightning fast response time and boldness will turn a panic situation around on the attacker. Every other moment of the day, you get to enjoy a healthy, gorgeous and loving dog.  The choices available to the consumer of different trainers and breeds, and the different training programs offered by these competing trainers can be very confusing to the person or family looking to purchase the best dog possible for both companionship and personal security.

Obedience, willingness, and reliability are at the heart of the Conquistador K-9.

Each of our trained adults and imprinted puppies are sold based on his or her potential and each dog must go through testing to ensure stability, strong nerves and also tested for proper drives before even entering into our program.  In order to produce a guard or protection dog suitable for a family environment one must start with the right animal. It is through selective and scientific based preservation breeding of our own that we select only the most promising dogs for Conquistador K-9 program inclusion. We look for things that cannot be taught like temperament, nerves, drives, thought process, intelligence, non-dominance, tolerance, aptitude, all of the innate things that no trainer in the world can teach.  We have dogs that are raised and trained for the family protection companion as well as for guard duty.  It’s important for us to understand your needs and desires before choosing a dog, so we do require a comprehensive consultation regarding any of our adult trained dogs so we can ensure proper placement.

An untrained, unsocialized Presa Canario is a

"lethal weapon that can pull its own trigger."

A Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario is a very serious dog, capable of protecting it's family or property until it's last breath.  We want our customers to understand the training responsibilities that will come with ownership of a Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario, which is why we offer comprehensive lifetime training support for all our K-9's.

Our goals for any Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario, either leaving here as a trained adult, or as an imprinted puppy are:


  • To be a loving and trustworthy member of your family

  • To be suspicious of strangers, yet willing to accept someone  whom you say is okay

  • To be confident enough in his/her opinions to decide when a stranger is a threat, and to back up that threat with growling and possibly or certainly attacking if necessary

  • To be willing to do anything to protect his/her beloved family.

You must consider your protection trained Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario like a lethal weapon. Training is required to use it effectively. In the right hands it is precise and effective management of any threat, however good safety measures should always be in place.  You would never leave a handgun lying around where anyone could pick it up, you would never take the safety off a handgun unless you were ready to shoot, you would never point the gun at anything you did not intend to shoot, you would not give your handgun to an inexperienced person.  All these same types of safety measures should be understood by all handlers in your Conquistador K-9's life.


We understand that everyone is living in different environments, with different needs, schedules, and resources.  Therefore, we have grown to believe that there is no cookie cutter training program that we will be able to provide to fit the needs of all.  In purchasing a trained adult Conquistador K-9, you will work with one of our professional trainers to develop a specialized training routine to fit your lifestyle.

We offer personalized, contracted, training objectives for each of our K-9's - complete with upfront all-inclusive pricing and estimated timelines for delivery.  At six weeks of age we start evaluating our puppies for our Create a Conquistador (CAC) program. In the CAC program you will pay for the puppy and it will be yours hence forward. It will stay with us and be assigned for personal development/training and you will pay monthly for your puppies board, care and professional training by our elite training staff at Conquistador K-9. Progress comes rapidly using very advanced positive reinforcement methods designed to build confidence and build drive.

The Create a Conquistador (CAC) program allows you to have your exact specifications for your Conquistador K-9 designed and implemented.  The end result is a hand selected, world class, highly trained Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario that will be a viable part of your families personal security and happiness for the life of your Conquistador.

What can a Conquistador K-9

Presa Canario do for me?


You can’t take your alarm with you. A Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario enables their owners and their families to feel a strong sense of peace and security at home or in public. Though an alarm system can make individuals feel secure and at peace, dogs can do this job much better. For example, it is a well-known fact that dogs will hear suspicious noises far in the distance, thus they can alert their owners and their families long before threats arrive. Since individuals know that they will receive a warning and will have time to prepare for what is coming, their anxiety about danger is significantly reduced.


Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario’s offer excellent companionship. In addition to being a protector, these dogs will be a good friend through thick and thin. They can serve as a comfort when sad, provide entertainment on a boring day and offer unconditional love. Many people’s hearts just melt when their special furry friend is excitedly greeting them at the door upon arriving home from work, social gatherings or important errands.


Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario’s are excellent deterrents for criminals. Studies demonstrate that criminals are more than likely to avoid a house they believe has a dog living inside, even if one is not actually living there. Criminals become even more scared to approach a property when they hear a dog barking and growling. These delinquents scurry away as fast as they can and move on to pursue easier targets; homes where there are no dogs.


Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario’s share a strong bond of loyalty with their owners and their families. The loyalty of these dogs is so strong that nothing will break it. As a matter of fact, these furry bodyguards are so loyal that they will fight to their deaths to protect the ones they love if that ever becomes necessary.


Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario’s are useful for teaching children responsibility and fostering a deep appreciation for animals. When children learn at a young age the responsibilities of caring for an animal and actively engage in these activities, their sense of responsibility and self-discipline will transcend into other areas of life, such as performing household chores and lovingly caring for others who are in need. Furthermore, when children learn how intelligent and brave Conquistador dogs are, they will develop a deep sense of appreciation for all that animals can do.

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