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Working Presa Canario Association BST2, PGT1, PAW

Arya de Conquistador

A machine, Arya has a wonderful balance of drives and is amazing with her children.

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Arya de Conquistador

Arya is the daughter of Atreyu & Khaleesi and a complete "chip of the ol' block", certainly her father's child.  She is a fourth generation Conquistador (meaning the dogs in her pedigree were bred and raised by us for at least four generations), and we couldn't be prouder of her.  To say she is a confident dog is an understatement, and she's been showing it since a very young age.  At 6 weeks of age, she decided to test her courage with her grandma, Furiosa, and was harshly corrected by grandma leaving her with a facial scar.  Grandma isn't one to take any nonsense.  Because of her scar Arya cannot be shown in the show ring, but is certainly a very correct Presa to standard, an amazing temperament, and highly athletic.  Even though she experienced this as a impressionable puppy, it never impacted her to be dog aggressive and she has a wonderful relationship with many of the other dogs here- especially those close to her age.  Arya has grown to be our current personal choice used for our children's full-time protection dog when away from home and us, as she is very loving with them and will not hesitate under any situation.  Arya is one of our favorite characters here in the program and we are looking forward to enjoying her prodigy for generations to come.

Weight: 125 Ibs      Height: 25.7"      Head: 25"

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WPCA Protection Aptitude for Working

Arya has wasted no time in working through trials that are specifically designed for the Presa.  Though all our dogs are temperament tested, some we enjoy taking their training to another level and competing in sporting trails.  Its a way for Arya to have a great time at events with us since she isn't able to compete in dog shows.  Check out all her titles she has earned! These are not subjective wins or awards, but hard earned objective sets of criterion that are placed on the dog and handler team that she must master to gain a title.  She is such a good girl!


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