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Famous Bullet Head (2017) Movie Star Han from De Acometedor

World Famous Presa Canario Movie Star "The Bullet Head Dog"

Prop. Zoltan Kiss, Under Exclusive Management from Conquistador K-9 in the USA

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Han from De Acometedor

It's Official!

Conquistador K-9 is now the Exclusive Managers of Han from De Acometedor here in the U.S.A.

Han is an amazing dog, and the lead canine actor in the 2017 Paul Solet movie Bullet Head. CHAMPION BLOODLINE, perfect Presa.


Once the team at Conquistador K-9 saw Han's natural beauty, temperament, and intelligence it became very clear to them that he was something very special. We know you will fall in love with him as hard as we have!

We also know the Bullet Head examines some of the ugliest and heartbreaking things about horrible dog fighting, but the message of the movie is so profound and so very reflective to the struggle and journey of this amazing breed of Presa Canario that we can do nothing but be amazed at this portrayal.

We hope the whole WORLD can see that this breed is so capable of love and forgiveness, of LOYALTY and TRUST, for us human caretakers- even when given only hate and abuse. In the movie (spoiler alert) Deniro only needs to be shown ONE act of kindness and love, and he is instantly loyal to the man that showed it to him. DeNiro (Han from De Acometedor) in the movie bullethead is written and acted so perfectly, we could not have explained the HEART this breed has any better. Thank you to the entire team of Bullet Head!

BUT, this is a movie, it is Hollywood. Han from De Acometedor is a REAL dog, and REAL Presa Canario breed representative.

Check out Bullet Head today on Netflix, then give a call or message to find out more about this amazing man Han!

Weight: 147 Ibs      Height: 26.5"      Head: 28"

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Check out Han's Facebook Page

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Han was born on June 10, 2012.

Han has always been a very healthy and active boy, he has beautiful large strong bones and fantastic movement. Never ANY health issues, which is of upmost importance to good bloodline management.

Some folks ask us about looks, and that is very important, but even more important is starting with a healthy specimen. Luckily, with Han, you get both! 


More pictures of this handsome man...

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