Dogs of Conquistador

Pound for Pound, More Champions. The Best Presa Canario Bloodlines in the World.

    Conquistador Breed Preservation

Before we invite you to check out our Conquistador males and females here, we want to share our concept on bloodline development for the Conquistador K-9 program.  There has been an explosion of research about dogs, with new information being published almost daily about their history, behavior, genetics, and the amazing things they can do for us.  We leverage all available scientific processes and direct external critiques when developing the Conquistador bloodline, including DNA testing, population genetic research, overall health diagnostics including blood and thyroid testing, hips and elbow x-rays, conformation judgement, puppy aptitude testing, and temperament testing. 

No dog will be included in our breeding program without a complete Conquistador K-9 program evaluation.  Check out our listing of all the direct contributors to the Conquistador K-9 Program by scrolling below.  We have also complied an online resource gallery of most of the dogs in the linage of our bloodline. You can check that out here.

Conquistadors in our Program

Check out the Females and Males that are direct contributors to our breeding and training program below.


Check out the Females that are direct contributors to our breeding and training program below.

Catra de Conquistador

Third generation Conquistador, amazing female.  Champion titled, proven producer. Excellent head and bone!  Affectionate and confident, just like her mama Fuega.

Furiosa de Conquistador

A large boned lady with a perfect attitude, eager to please her family and dedicated to protecting it.  Furiosa is a titled Champion with many Champion, Triple Threat prodigy.

Gloria de Conquistador

Balto x Fuega

In one word...Stunning! Gloria is a very true to typical Canary Island Presa of the past, direct daughter of one of our Spanish imports and truly what a Presa should be.

Hedda de Conquistador

Judged EXCELLENT by multiple Spanish judges, PCCA temperament tested, and top percentile hip and joint score. Hedda is a triple threat!

Bravos Fuega

Sandocan x Nay-Na

The OG. Retired now, but still an integral part of the program.  Steadily showing the next generation the way. You must visit her page.


Spanish import, very correct female carrying some heavy hitting pedigree behind her.  Highly driven and athletic.

Arya de Conquistador

Certainly her father's child! Fourth generation Conquistador and a perfect Presa representation.  Athletic, loving to her family, and a serious protector.

Cersei de Conquistador

A pure Conquistador creation, years of research, breeding and development pays off! Cersei is a perfect Presa, one of the very few PCCA US Champions on record, fully temperament tested. 

Vampiresa de BarnacanBull

Vampiro x Elisa

Spanish import, brought into the program to preserve a bloodline from the past.  Amazing structure and unique look all her own.

Leia de Conquistador

As athletic as I have ever seen a Presa, Leia can hold her own against even the highest caliber herders.  Nothing can contain this girl if it's in her sights to conquer.  Even though she is not a small Presa, she certainly can move!

Bravos Reina

Cool, confident, ever watchful Reina.  Beloved protector of our children, we cannot express how much we love having her here.  Reina is retired now, but still plays an active grandmother role in our program.

Greta de Hornos de Cal

Spanish import, large boned female with perfect joints and a sweet character.  Beautiful addition to the pack.  Judged EXCELLENT by Spanish judges.


Check out the  Males that are direct contributors to our breeding and training program below.

Thor de Conquistador

Our cornerstone stud, Champion titled and proven producer of Champion prodigy.  A force to be reckoned with!

 Bencomo de Conquistador

An up and coming male that is braking all the molds, perfect TRIPLE THREAT! Champion titled, temperament tested, proven stud!

Atreyu de Conquistador

Name anything, this boy can do it all! Exactly what we stand for, Champion, Guardian, Companion - PURE CONQUISTADOR!

Zacapa de Samcor

Spanish import, very large male with AMAZING movement and a heavy hitting pedigree. With many of his prodigy today in some of the finest kennels in the Canary Islands, here is finally here in the USA!


Check out the Stud dogs we also use in our program.


Spanish import Besay, one of our favorite influences on the program.

Andy de Ceilo de Canarias

An influential dog from the Canary Islands, one of the most titled Presa Canario to ever live. 

Han Solo

Famous star of the action movie "Bullethead", a must see movie for all Presa Canario enthusiasts!

Andres de Conquistdaor

Looking just like his daddy, acting just like his mama. Andres is one of our first loves and his prodigy live on today all over our program.

Balto de BreiverCan

Spanish import, Champion titled, proven stud and amazing producer.  Thick boned, very correct male from Gran Canarias.