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US Champion Cersei de Conquistador

Presa Canario Club of America US Champion

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US Champion Cersei de Conquistador

This lady is going to be breaking hearts and taking names... you have my word on that.  Daughter of our infamous Intl CH Thor de Conquistador and Intl CH Leia de Conquistador, she is a force to be reckoned with.  A personal home protector, with an amazing guard drive and looks to match.  Winning the most prestigious American Presa Canario award at just 11 months old is unprecedented.  Welcome your 2019 US Monografica Best in Show, Cersei de Conquistador.  Judged EXCELLENT by two Spanish expert judges, she is on the path of greatness. 

One of only an handful of confirmed US Champions, you are looking at a living legend!

Weight: 140 lbs     Height: 26"      Head: 26"

DSC_0791 (2)
Cersei de Copnquistador Presa


2019 US Monorafica Best in Show

She is a perfect mix of both her parents, very confident and assertive, pure Conquistador Triple Threat Presa Canario.  We are so pleased with her and overflow with love for this next Conquistador K-9 generation.  Her movement is so very cat like, her face so feminine, a beautiful Presa Canario breed representation married perfectly with the true TRIPLE THREAT CONQUISTADOR PRESA CANARIO ATTITUDE!


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