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The Champion

Champions beget Champions - We have more Pound for Pound Champions. Period.

Our Champion Lineage

Our bloodlines include Presa Canarios that are Master Supreme Grand Champions of Rare Beauty, Champions of Spain, and World Champions of the most recognized, acclaimed bloodlines of the breed in the entire world. Every Conquistador K-9 in our program has a lineage of proven world class Champions, directly descended from or imported from, the Canary Islands, Spain. 

In the elite world of show dogs, it is assumed that a Championship title represents exceptional quality of the individual dog. Every breed has a standard (blueprint) that breeders strive hard to breed toward, in an effort to produce the ideal representative of their breed. They then select their absolute best progeny to compete against other such dogs of their respective breed for the coveted championship titles.

The Breed Standard "paints" a picture of the ideal dog. At the shows, the dogs entered claim to be the closest representatives of this standard, then it is up to the judges to select the one that is "THE" closest to the ideal, without any disqualifying faults. The dog that has managed to come out as "THE" winner in several such competitions should also be an excellent representative of his breed.

Conquistador K-9 strives to only develop Presa Canarios from the Best Bloodlines in the World, those with proven Champions.

Conquistador K-9 has created many Champions on records, for multiple generations.  Pound of Pound, we have more Champions, PERIOD.

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