World Class, Champion Bloodline Presa Canario Puppies for Sale

The Price of a Conquistador K-9

The primary thing for you, the consumer, to understand about our pricing is that we know the value of our dogs.  If one dog is priced at $3,500 and another is priced at $35,000 there is a reason for that decision.  Sometimes the factors we put into that decision will not be related to you and the lower priced dog could be perfectly suitable for you or perhaps the higher priced dog has marketable skills that are of no particular value to you and thus would be over priced for your situation.

So, just ask and we will tell you exactly our thinking when we priced the dog you are looking to purchase.  Be honest with us about your needs, wants and desires, as we are very good at helping our clients match the right dog to their needs and their budget. We will be honest with you, too.  If you tell us that you want a fully off leash trained powerful personal protection dog that is good with kids, cats and crowds, but only have a few thousand to spend we will tell you that such an animal cannot be purchased for that price and anyone that tells you that they have such a dog for that price is either not very knowledgeable or they are flat out lying about the dogs ability and you will be the one left holding the bag after that sale.