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Jr Natl CH Bencomo de Conquistador

Ultimate Guardian, Loving Companion, Champion Presa Canario

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Jr Natl CH Bencomo de Conquistador

Big Ben, a specimen period.  This boy is a complete package.  Capable of sporting or personal protection, as loving as they come, watchful yet social in public, and HELLO look at him!  Not too many are happy to take a bite from him during training, but a few have helped us hone his skills and WOW the skills on this one are some of the most balanced we have ever seen.  If you are serious about understanding what we mean when we say a Triple Threat Conquistador, look no further then this living legend.  At only 20 months old he is still maturing and will be even more stunning in the years to come.  This boy is perfection in our eyes.  

Weight: 150 Ibs      Height: 26"      Head: 28"



PCCA Monografica Best in Class

I will just let these photos and videos speak for themselves.  For those that Ben meets in person, he forever leaves an impression.


More pictures of this handsome man...

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