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Junior National CH She-Ra de Conquistador

Becoming an Ultimate Guardian, Loving Companion, Junior National Champion

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Junior National Champion She-Ra de Conquistador

She-Ra was specifically selected for our program based on her puppy aptitude testing, she has been exactly the Conquistador Triple Threat Presa Canario we thought she would be.  Her pure athleticism, exceptional intelligence, and rare ability to balance prey and defense drives in a ratio that is not so common for the breed, makes her a very special addition to our program. Though we feel the breed is rooted in guard and defense drives as their primary purpose/ intent/design, we also feel it is imperative we explore some of these more exceptional breed representations that carry the genetic make up to perform well in exhibiting BOTH prey and defense drives. Highly intelligent, very athletic, with an intense protective guard, She-Ra has also already been evaluated by three national judges and is well on her way getting ready for international judging.  Earning her first Best in Class, Best of Breed, and Best in Group at just over 3 months old, she was awarded a Junior National Championship under our 6 year old presa canario Handler Cael Ramos.  Come watch her grow with us!

Weight: 110 lbs...still growing     Height: still growing      Head: still growing

She ra
presa canario Shera de Conquistador
Presa Canario puppy
She-ra 10 months
She-ra and sister Catra
She-Ra de Conquistador
She-Ra and Cael
She-Ra and Cael


Junior National Champion

She is a perfect mix of both her parents, very confident and assertive, pure Conquistador Triple Threat Presa Canario.  We are so pleased with her and overflow with love for this next Conquistador K-9 generation.  Her movement is so very cat like, her face so feminine, a beautiful presa canario breed representation.


More pictures of this beauty...

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