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International Champion Catra de Conquistador

International Champion, Perfect Family Companion, Fierce Protector

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International Champion Catra de Conquistador

Catra is the youngest daughter of the world famous International Champion Bravos Fuega.  Catra is positioned to be a new cornerstone Conquistador Triple Threat Presa Canario female of our program.  All grown up now and definitely everything we dreamed she would be, check out her gallery of pictures below and see how she's grown! She has such a confident  personality, she reminds us so much of her mother.  She is eager to learn and we are seeing that she is very easy to train.  She is a bit of a fireball, sassy at times and very protective, we are loving her so much!

Weight: 125lb     Height: 25.7"     Head: 25.5"

DSC_0057 (1)


 Junior National Champion


More pictures of this beauty...

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