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International Champion Hedda de Conquistador

Very correct Presa, true Triple Threat Conquistador  - Perfect Champion quality, family protector.  WORLD SHOW COMPETETOR! 

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Intl CH Hedda de Conquistador

Hedda made her debut on the stage at just 8 weeks old, winning the Presa Canario Club of America's annual National Specialty with a Best Puppy in Show.  After that, she went on to compete at a year old in the PCCA Monografica winning her class.  Now, she is all grown up and has received her temperament testing as evaluated by multiple expert trainers that work with the breed.  Her hips, elbows, and knees have all be x-rayed and are some of the tightest we have seen in the breed.  Our hopes are high with Hedda as she breaks her way into the top ranks here in the program, becoming one of our next generation foundation females.  Hedda represented the USA at the World Show in Madrid, Spain, showing the world what an elegant and perfect breed representation she is.  We couldn't be prouder of the results, judged EXCELLENT by every judge, taking 1st in class in one of the Spanish Monografico's - this was all a lifetime dream come true.  Being one the best bred Presa Canario in the World, our baby girl Hedda is now world renown.  If you should be so blessed to have one of her prodigy, you are certain own one of the best Presa Canario in the world today.

Weight: 121 Ibs      Height: 24.7"      Head: 25"

Hedda World Show
Hedda World Show
Hedda World Show
Hedda Spanish Monografico
Hedda World Show
Hedda World Show


PCCA Temperament Tested


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