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Spanish Import Balto de BrevierCan "Aruco"

Imported from the Canary Islands in Spain

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Spanish Import Balto de BrevierCan "Aruco"

Balto de BrevierCan (we call him Aruco) was imported on our trip to Spain in 2018.  We actually went to meet another potential import, and ended up falling in love with him at 5 weeks old.  He was the spunkiest in his litter, terrorizing all his litter mates, running right over to meet us.   We patiently waited for him to grow and went back to the Islands a few months later to check on him again.  At that time, we knew he was a special man and had to bring him home.  He is growing fast at 19 months and already about 140lbs, his temperament is as pure Presa as you can get.  Come watch him grow with us! Certain to be something special, there are so many Spanish Champions in his pedigree, it's hard to list them all.

Weight: 140     Height: 25"     Head: 27"

Aruco 16 months
Aruco and Reina
Balto de BrevierCan


Imported from Spain in 2018

Since Aruco is such a great mix of famous Spanish Champions, he is a very correct Presa Canario, a direct representative of the breed standard.  We look forward to using him exclusively for our program here.  Stay tuned, as his career is just getting started.


More pictures of this handsomeman...

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