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Becoming a Part of the Conquistador Family

Your Family's Safety, It's a Beautiful Thing. 

Here at Conquistador K-9, our Presa Family reaches across the World.  We have been placing Presa in homes for a very long time and firmly believe that the measure of a good program is in the successful placement of your dogs.  When you purchase a dog from us, you become part of our family.

Family First. Period.

Conquistador K-9 offers World Champion bloodline Presa Canarios who are some of the most impeccably bred and trained Presa Canario for sale you’ll find anywhere in the World.  As Family Guard Dogs, our canines are Reliable and provide around-the- clock piece of mind.  As trained Trackers and Retrievers our canines can offer you a highly skilled partner in all your outdoor hobbies and activities, as well as training that can include lost persons locating- in invaluable technique should your child be faced with threats of abduction, or simply wandering off too far.  We believe in our dogs and our people, everyone is so very special to us - and it SHOWS.  We are here for you from the day you bring your new Conquistador home.  When you enter into the Conquistador Family, you are a member for life.  Any dog that is produced by our program will receive life-time training support and advice.  All our dogs have a forever home here at Conquistador, and we take placing them in the correct home to begin with very seriously.  

As you can see our dogs are all highly socialized and not raised in a Kennel, but with a family, in a multi child and pet atmosphere.  Continued socialization and training is necessary, even with the most highly trained K-9, and especially important for your Conquistador Presa Canario.  We will be very straight forward on our ownership requirements with you, however will be here with you every step of the way to assist you in the proper handling and development of your new Conquistador.  Our Conquistador Family expands all over the World and in every region of the U.S.A., we can't wait to make you a part of our family!

Keeping Your Family  Safe

Originally bred to protect and herd when the breed was developed, you can be sure that your Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario instincts coupled with our specialized training programs will keep your family safe, close, and always under guard.


In a world of uncertain changes, society and nature both working to untangle our lives as we know it, you owe it to your family to ensure they have the peace-of-mind only a Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario can produce.

Dogs You Can Bond With

It’s been well documented that interactions between a dog and her person will increase the oxytocin level of both, leading to the development and strengthening of an emotional bond.

You can be assured your family can handle our dogs whether they are children, women, or even intimidated by large dogs.  The key to developing this bond is in time and attention given to your Conquistador. 


 At Conquistador  K-9 we believe that the best training is not by intimidation and painful forceful correction techniques, but by bonding with our canines to train and control through loyalty, real-life behavior exposure,  and devotion.  You can be assured that your fully trained Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario will be able to be handled by even the littlest persons in your life.

Won't Any Dog Naturally Defend?

Most would like to believe that any dog may at least deter a predator, however the hard to handle truth is that society norms are changing and criminals now understand that untrained dogs are easy to neutralize   Your dog must be able and willing to defend you and your family when called upon, can you really afford the uncertainty of not knowing if you will be protected?  The answer has been tested over and over again, and most dogs will not naturally protect their owners!  Listen to this logic, a security alarm will only alert.  If I am a bad guy, and I want to hurt your family, it will only take me minutes if armed correctly.  Don't be a victim, be protected.

Our Conquistador Presa Canario's are created using years of careful genetic selection and pure scientific research, what we create is then tested and evaluated to ensure we can stand behind our Conquistador's capabilities.  We pride our selves in never misrepresenting our dogs, we confirm their capabilities rigidly.  The best way to know if your dog will defend you or your property is through training and testing, period! 

Meet our World Wide Presa Family

We owe everything to those who have come before us, without the efforts of creation, cultivation and overall perseverance of our world wide Presa Family, we would be nothing.  What we have here is truly created from the help of world renown breeders of the Presa Canario, cutting edge trainers that continue to push and develop ways to apply canine behavior molding, tireless organizers and doers within the many breed and working clubs dedicated to the Presa, the loving and devoted families that our dogs get to be homed with, the dedicated veterinary staff and kennel support staff that have helped us develop and hone all we love about this breed and our program, AND THROUGH the GRACE OF GOD, we are able to bring you the Conquistador Presa Canario.

We will take a moment here to share with you our feelings on the importance of developing a strong family of individuals and organizations within our chosen breed and training fundamentals.

First, the mentors.  To begin a journey without a leader or blindly with no direction is a very dangerous one indeed.  Finding a mentor and putting your trust in them, and them in you, is the first step in success.  We owe, more than these words can express, such a debt of gratitude too two very special men and their families.  Beau Hadden, the "Presa Dogfather", owner and creator of Bravo Kennels, and Juan Gregorio Sanchez, the owner and creator of Barnacan Bull Kennels in Spain. It could take a very long time to explain everything they have done and will continue to do for Conquistador. BUT I will start with a public note of gratitude to Mr. Hadden;

You were the one that taught me how to become and strive for the best. You invested your time and effort into making me a better breeder and Presa enthusiast. You were the one to remind me that nothing was too far to reach. There was no limit on what you believed I was capable of; therefore, I learned from you that there was no limit I should set for myself.

Every big moment for Conquistador, we wish a bigger moment for Bravo Kennels, you were there supporting me just the same as my blood family was. Seeing how dedicated you are to everything you view as important has always been inspiring to me.

You may not be my family by blood, but in my heart you are absolutely family. I'm also quite confident that the rest of my family would have to agree with that as well. You have made an impact on each one of our lives in some way. An impact that makes me want to remember all of the lessons you have taught me over the years and to strive to be as good a person and breeder as you are. Thanks Beau.

Please take a moment to check our Mr. Beau Hadden and Bravo Kennels.


Next, the IPO Club, OG OMAHA SCHUTZHUND CLUB.  Working dogs is a perfect marriage of K-9 and Handler alone and the K-9/Handler Team with a group.  We believe the accomplishment of the highest level training goals for a K-9 is best done in a multifaceted environment, with assistance, feedback, advice and direction from many.  We extend our deepest gratitude for opening our world to the amazing sport of IPO and mostly for helping us understand the true potential of our beloved dogs.  A special thank you to master trainer James Coke. "The greater the loyalty of the group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve it's goals."  ~ Rensis Likert


Lastly, the Breed Club. We feel having a strong, connected, organized, in-partial breed club is essential to stability of any breed.  We have chosen to provide our whole-hearted support the Presa-Canario Club of America.  We have found this organization, in the USA, has the lengthiest positive track-record and does the best job and continuing to stay viable and active in breed support and preservation.  You can learn more about the PCCA here, and please consider becoming a member yourself.


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