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Conquistador K-9

True Protectors for an Uncertain World...

Detect, Deter, Defend

Conquistador K-9 offers World Champion bloodline Presa Canarios who are some of the most impeccably trained Personal Protection Dogs for sale you’ll find anywhere.  As Family Guard Dogs, our canines are Reliable and provide around-the- clock piece of mind.  As trained Trackers and Retrievers our canines can offer you a highly skilled partner in all your outdoor hobbies and activities, as well as training that can include lost persons locating- in invaluable technique should your child be faced with threats of abduction, or simply wandering off too far.


There is a reason dogs need to be trained to defend correctly, and not all dogs are capable of protection and defense.  It's a hard truth, but chances are your dog will not defend you unless trained to do so.

The victim in this video claimed she not only had a dog, but a "big dog" when she was attacked in her home.  

Watch her shocking real story below, then please take a moment and check out an actual experiment with trained versus non trained dogs that will help you completely visualize why we say that:




You can only be certain you will be protected by ensuring your dog is trained to defend you!


We can specifically prepare your Conquistador K-9 to defend against kidnappings, carjackings and home invasions.

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Many of our clients spend time in fragile and conflict-affected countries on business. These are places with high rates of kidnappings, carjackings and home invasions. We tailor our Conquistador K-9 Protection Trained Presa Canario training to fit the needs of these international business clients and their families.



You can learn about how we prepare our dogs for kidnappings, carjackings and home invasions below. If you have a concern about a specific situation and would like to request more information, contact us today.

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protection trained presa canario
protection traine presa canario


Kidnapping is the number one form of monetary extortion worldwide. Kidnappers seeking a large ransom often ensure cooperation by taking a spouse or child. Families that do manage to pay ransom have no guarantee that their loved one will be returned safely. We train our Conquistador K-9 Protection Trained Presa Canarios to deter kidnappers and stop abductions in progress.


In Nigeria, the frequent kidnappings of executives and high profile targets in the Niger Delta have spread to the port city of Lagos. Victims are followed and kidnapped mere feet from their home.


Latin America is home to three of the most prominent kidnapping countries in the world: Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico. These countries have seen a rise in “express kidnappings,” sometimes called “millionaire tours.”


Travelers are picked up by cab drivers who then pick up a gang of armed criminals. The victim is drugged, brought to various ATMs and made to withdraw money, and often taken home to be robbed there. According to the Council for Law and Human Rights, there were 72 people kidnapped daily in Mexico in 2012. These numbers become even more troubling because police agencies advise that kidnappings are underreported.


By keeping a Conquistador K-9 Protection Trained Presa Canario by your side, you are making yourself a less attractive target. Kidnappers want their crimes to be quick and quiet, and a big barking dog makes that impossible. Even if they aren’t aware of your dog’s advanced protection training, they will have to choose between the possibility of being attacked or moving on to another target.



Our personal Conquistador K-9 Protection Trained Presa Canarios are more than just playmates for children—they make for exceptional guardians. During the delivery process, we train our dogs to respond to each member of the family, so your child can call on your dog’s training in a dangerous situation.  Dogs can also be handled by your family’s bodyguards. They can keep watch over your child in the car and walk with them to their school’s entrance.

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One rampant form of theft, especially in South Africa, is carjacking. In certain hotspot locations, roadsigns have been put up to alert motorists to this kind of danger. Numbers vary between sources, but there are somewhere between 9,000 and 16,000 carjackings in various parts of South Africa, with a high percentage of these taking place in the city of Johannesburg.


Personal Conquistador K-9 Protection Trained Presa Canarios take the element of surprise away from attackers. While a distracted traveler at a red light makes for an easy target, we can train your dog to alert you to anyone approaching the vehicle. In this situation, your dog can show full aggression and block access to the car. This warning can give you enough time to drive away or lock the car. If the would-be thief does manage to gain access to the vehicle, giving the “bite” command will allow you to immobilize the threat until assistance arrives.

Another option you have is to send the dog on the attacker from inside of the car. By rolling the window down and giving the “bite” command, your Conquistador K-9 Protection Trained Presa Canario will dart out of the car and onto the threat.

Home Invasions:

While these door locks and alarm systems are important layers of security, they will only deter the undetermined. Criminals know that every home security system can be exploited. Forcing a single lock or window in your home is all it takes for an intruder to gain access. If you have a working house alarm, it will alert you and the police to the fact that someone is in your home. That leaves you to protect your family for the 5 to 35 minutes it takes for law enforcement to arrive.


Take a proactive approach by equipping yourself with a more effective layer of security: a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois for protection. Their hearing and sense of smell means they will be the first to know if someone is at the door, and their quick reflexes means they can get the situation under control before the first police car is even on the way.

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The "Traitor" Failsafe:

When you employ someone to watch your children or help around the house, you entrust them with very sensitive access and information. Not surprisingly, targeted robberies often involve an employee or acquaintance with inside knowledge. For this reason, we make sure that our dogs are willing to “bite the hand that feeds them.”

For example, if your housekeeper feeds and plays with your Conquistador K-9 Protection Trained Presa Canario every day, they might expect to get a “free pass” if they ever attempt to harm your family. For most dogs, this would be true. Only through months of specialized training can we ensure that your dog will turn on aggressively against any threat you come across, whether they’re a familiar person or not.

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protection trained presa canario
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