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The Companion

Your Family's Safety, It's a Beautiful Thing

Family Guardians

Our main goal is to provide your family with not only a solid obedience and family protection dog, but also a guard dog that will be loyal, willing to please and a fun dog that will become not just a protector, but a member of the family and a best friend to you and your children. A Trained dog that can go anywhere you can legally go and an obedient dog that you will want to take with you not just for the protection, but for the pure enjoyment of their company.

Conquistador K-9's Are The Best Companions

As you can see our dogs are all highly socialized and not raised in a kennel, but with a family, in a multi child and pet atmosphere

Keeping Your Family  Safe

Originally bred to protect livestock when the breed was developed, you can be sure that your Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario instincts coupled with our specialized training programs will keep your family safe, close, and always under guard.


In a world of uncertain changes, society and nature both working to untangle our lives as we know it, you owe it to your family to ensure they have the peace-of-mind only a Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario can produce.

Dogs You Can Bond With

You can be assured your family can handle our dogs whether they are children, women, or even intimidated by large dogs.  Most training facilities use only men in their training programs.  At Conquistador  K-9 we believe that the best training is not by intimidation and painful forceful correction techniques, but by bonding with our canines to train and control through loyalty, real-life behavior exposure,  and devotion.  You can be assured that your fully trained Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario will be able to be handled by even the littlest persons in your life.

If a fully trained Conquistador K-9 is not in the budget, we can also work with you and your local trainers to develop a plan, that through your own "sweat equity",  you can develop your new Conquistador with our direct guidance.

Your Conquistador K-9 will require maintenance training, which will will teach you during our handler training and transition program that comes complete with any trained adult sale.  This will continue to help you grow and bond with your dog.

Won't Any Dog Naturally Defend?

Most would like to believe that any dog may at least deter a predator, however the hard to handle truth is that society norms are changing and criminals now understand that untrained dogs are easy to neutralize   Your dog must be able and willing to defend you and your family when called upon, can you really afford the uncertainty of not knowing if you will be protected?

Starting with the breed, the amount of protection and territorial instincts bred into each dog type depends on what job they were originally selected for. Looking at the herding dogs for example, some breeds were selected to stay with grazing flocks and protect them from predators and thieves. These instincts have in some lines been honed to make great guard dogs. We have selected the Perro de Presa Canario/ Dogo Canario as our breed of choice based on it's inherent genetics.  We work diligently to ensure that we hone that genetic baseline with precise training.  

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