International Champion Malina de Conquistador

A Conquistador Creation, Management Assisted by Conquistador, Prop. Lauren Brooks

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International Champion Malina de Conquistador

Malina is a pure Conquistador Triple Threat presa canario creation, one we feel like we have hit the proverbial "nail on the head" with.  She is stunning in her beauty, solid in her temperament, and a true family companion and guardian.  Getting to share her with the Brooks family has expanded our love of her just that much further, though we cannot be there to love her daily, we trust her owners with her completely and are excited at the opportunity to continue to manage the Conquistador bloodline, with them, through Malina.  Malina will continue on the line, and anyone privileged enough to include her prodigy in their family is in for a whole new world of exciting possibilities.

Weight: 110 Ibs      Height: 26"      Head: 24.7"

Malina de Conquistador
Malina de Conquistador
Malina de Conquistador
Malina de Conquistador
Malina de Conquistador
Malina de Conquistador
Malina de Conquistador


Malina is anticipated to receive her

International Championship in the 2019 show season. 

A special personality all her own, Malina daily interacts with the public, children, and other animals.  She provides personal home security for the Brooks family and is a proven protector.  With her athleticism and conformation she is expected to produce some of the best Presa in the world today.  To often, we see clients by-pass the female in the breeding evaluation.  We are here to remind you that 50% of every prodigy is the female, rest assured this girl is going to be a part of the Conquistador future. 


More pictures of this beauty...

The Ultimate Guardian, the Rare Champion, and Enduring Companion come together at last.

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