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International Champion Luke de Conquistador

Ultimate Guardian, Loving Companion, International Champion

Property Presa del Sur

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International Champion Luke de Conquistador

Luke is the son of our Intl CH Cortes de Conquistador and Intl CH Bravos Reina, grandson to World Champion Andy de Ceilo de Canarias, Spanish CH Rudi de Atlantida Can and Hall of Fame, Master Supreme Grand Champion Luna.  All that's a mouth full, but if there is something to be said about why this male is included in our program, it's not for his pedigree or his devilish good looks - it is for his temperament and athleticism.  This boy is arguable the most intelligent, most balanced drive male we have ever worked with.  For us, having a tool like Luke is akin to having your essential survival tool on that deserted island.  Luke has proven to throw his superb intelligence, temperament, and drive on to his Champion prodigy.  

It's important to remember, with the Presa Canario temperament is the key to EVERYTHING.  You should never view your guard dog as a liability, intelligence is so important to ensuring this and should never be underestimated.  An intelligent, balanced and stable Presa will easily learn the difference between a real threat and a non threat and react only when a real threat is present.

Weight: 141 Ibs      Height: 26"      Head: 27"

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Intl CH Luke de Conquistador
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International Champion


More pictures of this handsome man...

More pictures of this handsome man...

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