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Junior International Champion Greta de Hornos de Cal

Just starting to blossom, our girl is already turning heads!

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Junior International Champion Greta de Hornos de Cal

Greta de Hornos de Cal, call name Carmella, comes to us as an import pure presa canario from Gran Canarias, Spain in 2018.  A double bred Arico de Samcor, daughter of Spanish Champion Venus de Hornos de Cal, granddaughter of Spanish Champion Troy de Hornos de Cal, she comes from a long line of proven Champion Presa Canario of Spain.  For us, that was only part of the equation when evaluating her litter and selecting her for inclusion in our program.  Carmella was selected first for her correct presa canario temperament, then for her conformation and pedigree.

Immediately, she was never fearful - always investigating and curious with great canine language skills, assertive and confident.  At now 24 months old she had not changed one bit.  She is highly intelligent and powerful, there is nothing that intimidates her - however she is not easily agitated without reason.  She has a very promising career here at Conquistador K-9 and is personally handled by an up and coming young handler aged 14, Cristian.  We are astounded at their connection and her gentle yet protective attitude towards him.  Our presa canario all excel at being involved with all members of the family, large and small.

Weight: 132 lbs     Height: 25.5"      Head: 25.7"

Greta at 13 months
Greta at 13 months
Greta de Hornos De Cal


Junior International Champion

Greta de Hornos de Cal "Carmella" took both her National and International Junior Championship titles under the handling of Cristian Ramos.  Earning excellent scores by EIGHT different FCI trained judges.  This girl is one to watch, her thick build and perfect presa canario temperament will prove to make a beautiful addition to our program.


More pictures of this beauty...

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