Jr International Champion Atreyu de Conquistador

Becoming an Ultimate Guardian, Loving Companion, Junior National Champion Presa Canario

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Jr International Champion Atreyu de Conquistador

Atreyu was specifically selected for our program based on his puppy aptitude testing,  and he has been exactly the Conquistador Triple Threat Presa Canario that he needed to be.  Highly intelligent, very athletic, with a solid temperament and amazing nerves, this is what we would call a "bulletproof" presa canario.  Atreyu provided support for a veteran in need at the beginning of his career and has proven to be a complete joy to train.  We are continuing to develop his skills, and could not be happier with how he is coming along. He is managed by our smallest handler, Cael (6 years old) under the guidance and direction of the rest of the Conquistador K-9 training team.  These two make an awesome pair.  Come watch them grow with us!

Weight: 130lb    Height: 26.5"     Head: 26"



Junior National Champion

Atreyu is what we consider a PURE CONQUISTADOR, both parents created from our program and we couldn't be more pleased with the creation of champion quality beauty, protective family guardian, and loving family companion.  The real Triple Threat presa canario is embodied in this boy.


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The Ultimate Guardian, the Rare Champion, and Enduring Companion come together at last.

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Bellevue, Nebraska 68005 | Email: Conquistadorcanine@gmail.com

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